Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stranger Danger

I received a lovely e-mail from a family friend today about how she took the challenge to compliment someone she didn't know and it was quite a wonderful story! I had an experience today that I decided to write about... BUT after being reminded of what my post was yesterday it is quite ironic.

So we are moving in a week so groceries have been kept to a bare minimum BUT we have all this lettuce {I didn't know how to spell that, thank goodness for Kennedy} so we decided that while Kennedy was in class I would run to the store and pick up some strawberries for a chicken strawberry salad {It's amazing stuff}. So I was in Albertsons minding my own business, walking by the meat, if you know Rexburg's Albertsons, and this guy was passing me and he looked at me and I noticed him looking, so I smiled, because I am a nice person....

THEN... okay you know in the old cartoons we watched as kids? You know how the villains grabbed their chins as they thought? Well, he did that and said to me "You are very pretty"... I said thanks and kept walking and then I was confused and a little nervous. SO I walked right through the produce section and out the door. Needless to say we are not having salad for dinner. So I went to Wal-mart and bought some Cream of Chicken soup to make Pasta Primavera and I bought Kennedy a Snickers to make up for my lack of Strawberries. So I realized this is ironic because yesterday I was all pro about complimenting strangers and then a stranger complimented me and it made me nervous. So when you compliment strangers be nice and not weird. Deal? Deal.

Anyways... sorry for that ramble. Today was super windy so we took refuge in our landing again. I swear it's been windy every day for two weeks!

Wearing: Vest: GAP, Blouse: AEO thrifted, Necklace: no clue?, Belt: thrifted, Pants: AEO, Shoes: Walmart

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful day and that no scary strangers complimented you, only nice ones!

your girl, nb


  1. I think it's awkward for guys to compliment a girl they don't know on their looks! It borders on "I'm hitting on you/creepy!" Especailly since you are wearing a wedding ring! I would have left without my strawberries too!

  2. LOVE the outfit! Where are you guys moving to??

    Meet Virginia Design

  3. hahaha, I hear you on the weirdness. I work close to a homeless shelter and I get the creepiest compliments! It is so awkward.

  4. lame wedding ring flirters. but you're adorbs so can you blame them? i mean, for reals? ;)

  5. wait, he stroked his CHIN?!?! ew...times 50. creepsville.
    your vest is fabulous. as is your entire ensemble. good luck with the move!
    -brittney (my daily outfit blog; come on by if you'd like!)


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