Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hello Everyone, Meet Bratface.

So remember when I said it was Fashion Week and I would only be wearing skirts for the next week... well I promise I did wear a skirt today BUT we forgot to grab the camera this morning and we got home at 5:00 and we had to (first do the dishes) make dinner and get back on campus for an event we were going to... SO I changed quickly into jeans and we remembered we hadn't taken pictures yet! Hence... Jeans.

So we went to Dancing with the BYU-I Stars tonight because we are cool and support on campus activities like that and also our social dance teacher was performing so that was an added bonus. If any of you reading this happened to be there I think you will agree that it was phenomenal! I have taken a few dance classes while here at BYU-I and let me tell you... real dancers make dancing look like a breeze but it so not! It take amazing talent and some of these "stars" trained the minimal amount and still did great, so good for them!

Wearing: Necklace & Shoes: ALDO, Sweater: GAP, Blouse: Old Navy, Jeans: AEO, Belt: Charlotte Russe

So my post is a lot later today than usual... the cause? BRATFACE. If you have never had the wonderful chance of meeting Bratface she is my computer; she is a deceptive yellow Dell. You would think because she is yellow she would be so cheery and cooperative but she never has been. Basically she has been a pain in my side from Day 1 earning her name Bratface on a daily basis. Although before I got married my roommate/cousin/friend had a green Dell that looked like he would be so fun to be with and a great companion. False. He had a knack for attracting virus's and earned his name Idiot. Moral of the story... name your computer well. Have a wonderful day!

your girl, nb


  1. So classic and very pretty with the pearls and the pink sweater. Following you now!

    follow me back?

  2. So super adorable! I love that color on you!

    Meet Virginia Design

  3. loving the jeans and the color of your sweater is amazing! super lovely blog :)



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