Monday, March 21, 2011

Dreaming of Belts.

It's Monday! And you know I had a wonderful day, except that I have a minor toothache that I am afraid is going to turn into a major toothache before I get back to AB for the summer where I have a dentist... Wish me luck! But a wonderful thing is it's MY BIRTHDAY WEEK! So here is the countdown...

Four Days until my Birthday
Eleven Days until Conference Weekend (when I go to Utah and go shopping!)
Eighteen Days until the end of the semester 

So this morning I didn't feel very good and my tummy didn't really want to go up on campus but I rallied and made it to my classes. BUT I did not feel like being extra special looking today so I stuck my lazy T-shirt and threw on a Cardigan. Then I remembered that last night I had a dream and this belt was in my dream so I wore it  :) I think my belt felt neglected and so it slipped into my subconscious to get my attention... what can I say? It worked.

Wearing: Shoes: Walmart (Awesome find), Jeans: AEO, Belt; Garage Co., Cardigan: Target, Tee: Old Navy, Necklace & Bangles: Forever 21

Also be prepared... for the next Tues - Tues I am required to dress up for my Fashion Design class because we are having our own "Fashion Week" in honor of NYC Fashion Week. SO I will be in skirts/dresses for the next seven days and it's going to be awesome! I hope you're ready for it... mainly I hope I'm ready for it and that Rexburg's weather is ready for it too!

your girl, nb


  1. Oooh, a fashion design class! That sounds so fun!

    And even if this is a lazy outfit, it sure is cute :)

  2. Thanks! Fashion Design is SOO much fun... also A LOT of work!


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