Friday, October 7, 2011


Does anyone remember The Baby Sitters Club? I realized this outfit could be on one of their book covers! I was in love with BSC as a kid, I even made up my own club called Groovy Girls. I was the president and we had a vice pres and secretary. Each week after Achievement Days (my churches girls club) which is now a different name (that makes me feel old)... I think Activity Days? Anyways every week after Achievement Days me and all my friends would go into the Mothers Lounge in the bathroom and hold a meeting... we were so cool. Eventually it dissolved but I had big dreams as a ten year old. Did anyone else make "cool" clubs too?

Sweater: Old Navy - $5.00
T-Shirt: Old Navy - free
Jeans: AEO - $39.95
Boots: ALDO - $40.00
Necklace: Wetseal - $7.50

I was a little sad to pull out my boots for the first time this year but it was a nice change to have warm toes :) Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

xoxo, nb

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