Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Black & Blue

Hey everyone! Meet my new skirt :) I bought this weekend for $8.50 at Forever 21 and I am super pumped about it... also the sheer blouse... Love. Anyways, I titled my post "black & blue" because Once Upon a Time I was in this amazing seminary class (the BEST ever) and we all had nicknames. My cousin and one of my best friends was in that class and she was nicknamed Black & Blue because she is tough and isn't afraid to get hurt or hurt someone else (I admire that about her). She is leaving a mission for our church in 6 weeks and I am going to miss her like crazy! We lived together for three years and I just can't imagine not having her around. So this for her :) Love you Britt!

Top: Old Navy - $15.00
Tee: GAP - $10.00
Skirt: Forever 21 - $8.50
Shoes: ALDO - gifted for my wedding :)

Have a wonderful day everyone! It`s rainy here so I finally get to wear some of my wonderful sweaters!! Tell me your favorite part about fall!

xoxo, nb

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