Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One Day I Shaved Off My...

Okay so today I dressed cute and I was happy with my outfit UNTIL I looked out the window! Remember how I was so happy about the weather yesterday? Well Idaho decided to slap me in the face with SNOW, WIND & COLD! So I did not want to take a picture in the coldness and then I was grumpy about all the ecstatic, crazy snow lovers in Idaho... no offense if you are one of them.

BUT I thought I would tell you an entertaining tale of my adolescence so you can get to know me a little better, for those of you who don't yet :)

So one day I was 13 and I was noticing that my eyebrows looked a little bushy. This needed to be solved stat. I went upstairs to my parents bedroom and picked up my moms eyebrow plucker. Get this, it looked REALLY scary. As my 13 year old self I decided that there must be a better alternative that hadn't been accepted by the general public yet.

I had already begun shaving my legs and it was going great, I never cut myself and it wasn't scary. I decided that the world must be missing out on the most obvious thing ever... who wouldn't use a shaver for their eye brows? Right?

Now this next part is a little blurry and I am not sure exactly what happened or what I did BUT in a matter of seconds I was solely responsible for the shedding of the inner half of my left brow! The rest I do remember...

I looked in the mirror in horror. What had I done? It seemed SO permanent. I ran downstairs to my bathroom and just stared at it and I started to cry! After a few minutes I shamefully walked upstairs and found my mom. In my memory she found it quite amusing which was so offensive to me! (now I can see why she was entertained by my half brow)

My mom helped me use eyeliner to camouflage my facial crisis. Going to school was the most TERRIFYING thing. I managed to go a few days without anyone noticing but one day one of my friends said "Wait... are you missing half an eyebrow?!?" Luckily she was a good enough friend and didn't tell anyone.

Moral of the story... girls do not use a shaver to trim the brows... use a wonderful plucker OR wax them.

your girl, nb


  1. haha!!! Glad i'm not the only one who did that. I also did that when i was that age. I totally thought thats how i could make my eyebrows not look so bushy. Guess thats not how.LOL. I know go get them waxed all the time.

  2. hahaha oh my gosh i remember shaving my arms when i was younger... and they were dry, no water at all! i never did that again!

  3. That's so sad and funny! I have to shave mine right now, but only because I am getting Lazar hair removal, and you are not allowed to pluck up to 5 weeks before getting it done. Ugh. I can't wait until it's all gone!
    Born To Be Styled


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